• Premium Sherpa Zip Hoodie "EVEREST Collection".

    Available in black or cream. Winter Wardrobe must-have features a Sherpa style outer-fleece full-zip and hood.Perfect Christmas gift for that very special someone.

EVEREST Collection Full-Zip Sherpa Original Hoodie

Comfy, Soft and Stylish Sherpa Clothing

If you like your hoodies seriously soft, then you won’t have to think twice about this outer-fleece Sherpa Original Premium Fleeced Zip Hoodie! This cold-weather hoodie features soft, fuzzy and warm fleece with exclusive designed fabric accents for a classic look. Limited quantities so buy yours today.

Women‘s and Men’s Sherpa Jackets, Vests, Gloves and Beanies

Soft and Stylish Sherpa Vest

Comfy and Stylish Sherpa Vest

Matching Sherpa Gloves and Beanie

Comfy and Stylish Sherpa Gloves and Beanie

Sherpa Original also offers Full-zip, vests and pullover hoodies. 

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